Best EMF Shielding Paint (YShield Review)

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Best EMF Shielding Paint YShield Review

When it comes to EMF radiation protection, EMF shielding paint is one of the most effective products money can buy.

In my quest for ultimate EMF protection, I’ve tested plenty of different makes of EMF shielding paint, and I’ve found that one of the BEST available is YShield EMF Protection Paint (check prices on Amazon).

In this review, I’ve listed the reasons why I prefer this brand, and some other useful information about application and use.

Why I prefer YShield

There are many different ways to protect against EMF radiation, but many of these revolve around the idea of using metal to block radiation. While this is fine in some contexts, I’ve found that if you want general all-round protection for a room, then EMF shielding paint is the best option.

YShield is an excellent choice because it comes from one of the top manufacturers in the industry. Below is some more detailed information on how the product performs, including its active ingredients.

One of the most important things to note is that the paint is very black, so bear this in mind when it comes to application.

It’s intended to be used as a base coat over which you apply your normal paint, but it needs to be a water-based emulsion or silicon resin paint. These are what the manufacturer recommends, so make sure you use them otherwise you’ll impact the performance of the product.

YShield paint is silicone based, with its main ingredient being potassium silicate. It’s non-toxic, so don’t worry about using it around children or pets (obviously still keep them out of the room while decorating just to be on the safe side).

Does YShield Really Work?

It’s very effective at blocking both high and low frequency wavelengths, up to 18 GHz. This means that it will block EMF radiation from pretty much all electronic devices on the market, and will continue to protect you even as technology develops. Here is a performance test video.

YSHIELD RF Blocking Paint

The manufacturers advise that the paint blocks 99.9% of EMF radiation, including cell phone and WiFi signals. While this is beneficial if you’re looking to block radiation, bear this in mind when it comes to using your electronic devices in the room.

Obviously WiFi signals won’t reach mobile devices, and you won’t be able to use your phone to make calls either.

Over the past few months, I’ve tested plenty of different EMF shielding paints. The only issue is that I don’t have any evidence to share with you to prove that YShield is the best.

In place of this, this website has a handy guide that gives an excellent breakdown of performance for the major brands on the market.
As you can probably see, YShield clearly is better than its competitors.

yshield emf blocking paint

One of the biggest plus points is the coverage that YShield affords. Obviously, it’s not a cheap product, but you certainly get your money’s worth from the pot of paint.

The 5L tub can cover a surface area of about 405 square ft., but always make sure you measure the area before buying. The manufacturers recommend applying two coats for maximum efficacy, so you essentially need double the amount of paint for your wall space.

How To Apply YShield EMF Blocking Paint

You need to treat YShield like any other paint. This means that you should prime and wash the wall in the usual way, and obviously mask off any parts you don’t want to be painted.

Make sure you apply the paint in an even layer, but not too thick, otherwise it’ll become lumpy and take too long to dry. One of the benefits of it being black is that you can see where you’ve applied it too thin.

Leave it at least 24 hours to dry before applying the second coat, and leave it the same again before applying your actual paint.

One negative of the paint being black is that it’ll need several coats of paint before it’s completely covered, so you might find yourself spending quite a bit on emulsion.


Grounding is imperative for maximum efficacy of the paint.

Granted, if you don’t ground the paint it’ll still work, but it really won’t be anywhere near as effective.

There are different grounding products available, but YShield do produce their own grounding strips.

You need to ensure you fit the grounding strip before applying the EMF paint because it’s only conductive on the top side. This means that if you apply it after, your paint won’t actually be grounded.

You also need to then attach the grounding strips to a grounding plate. I would recommend using one per wall you’re applying the paint to, as this will ensure all walls are grounded properly.

Ideally you should map out your grounding network before painting, and you should make sure to place the grounding plates near electrical outlets.

Grounding plates should only be installed by a licensed electrician, as they’ll make sure the network is completed properly.


EMF Paint YShield HSF54 or WOREMOR RF-IE50 for Shielding a Bedroom From a Cell Tower RF Radiation

General Tips

Since discovering that YShield is the best EMF shielding paint, I’ve played around with it a little bit, and found out some useful bits of information through trial and error.

Here are my top tips for using YShield paint:

  • Make sure the area is properly covered without any gaps. This seems like a no-brainer, but even a small gap will reduce the effectiveness of the paint. If you’re going through this much trouble to block EMF radiation, make sure you do the job properly.
  • The paint becomes better the drier it is. If you can stand to leave it for more than 24 hours to dry, then do.
  • Account for more paint than you think you’ll need. A 5L tub covers a large surface area, but you don’t want to be caught short with a lack of paint.

The Best EMF Shielding Paint (YShield Review) – Final Thoughts

I’ve found that YShield is the best EMF shielding paint. Not only is it easy to paint with, it’s barely noticeable once you’ve painted over it. I tested it with my own EMF meter, but you’ll surely want to test it yourself.

I’d recommend doing as much research as possible before making a purchase because it’s definitely not cheap. That said, I found the money I’ve saved on other EMF blocking products has easily covered the cost of the paint.

So, do check out the Yshied on Amazon

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