EMF Bed Canopies – Buying And DIY Guide

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EMF radiation is a problem that’s only going to get worse. With the introduction of more and more “smart” gadgets around the home – ones that are connected to WiFi unnecessarily – is only increasing the amount of radiation we are exposed to in our own homes.

Even if you consciously try to cut all electronic devices from your bedroom, including things like alarm clocks, your phone, and other gadgets, you’ll still be exposed to general background radiation. If this is something you want to limit, it will be worth investing in an EMF bed canopy. 

This guide is designed to provide you with information about EMF bed canopies, the best ones available to buy, and a helpful DIY guide if you’re looking to save some money.

What Is An EMF Shielding Bed Canopy?

The best way to shield EMF radiation in any situation is to use a Faraday cage. This is essentially a metal box that houses the electronic device and prevents EMF radiation from escaping.

Obviously it’s unreasonable to build a large metal cage around your bed, not to mention that this wouldn’t look particularly attractive.

An EMF bed canopy works on the same principle as a Faraday cage, except it uses special fabric that has radiation-shielding properties.

The main component in this material is silver, which is excellent for absorbing EMF radiation, and this is woven into a sheet with either cotton or polyester. This can then be draped over your bed and will block out almost all EMF radiation.

To know about inexpensive EMF shielding materials, read my articles on aluminum and copper and mylar.

Why Do You Need An EMF Shielding Bed Canopy?

It’s hardly news that EMF radiation is harmful to your health, but the actual impacts of it are hotly debated among scientists.

There are links between EMF exposure and cancer, along with other health impacts such as:

  • Weight gain
  • Joint pain
  • Premature aging
  • Headaches
  • Arrhythmia and other effects

Understandably, these are things best avoided when you’re sleeping. Our bodies use sleep to regenerate cells, fight off illness, and repair themselves from the day. This means we are particularly vulnerable to radiation exposure.

A study by the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Melbourne found that exposure to EMF radiation massively impacts our body’s ability to produce melatonin.

Melatonin is the hormone our body produces to help regulate our sleeping patterns. This then has the side effect of how well we sleep, how long we sleep, and how effectively our body repairs itself.

This video explains clearly what Melatonin is and how it affects sleep.

Melatonin regulation is also impacted by light, which is a usual side-effect of having electronic devices around while we sleep.

So if for nothing else, an EMF bed canopy is essential to keep our levels of melatonin regulated. Without regulated melatonin, we won’t sleep properly, and after a while our bodies won’t be able to repair themselves. This is then the beginning of a slippery slope towards ill health.

Luckily, an EMF bed shield will block almost all EMF radiation and provide you with a safe and radiation-free sleeping environment.

What To Look For When Buying An EMF Bed Canopy

When it comes to buying an EMF radiation shield for your bed, you should know what to look out for to ensure you’re making a sensible purchase.

Just as with any other product that you’re buying for health reasons, you should try to avoid cutting corners on quality to save money.

Top quality EMF shields will be expensive, mainly because of the materials used, but if you’re serious about EMF radiation protection then you should be willing to pay out for top quality products.

Here are four main things to consider when buying an EMF bed canopy.

1. Materials

As mentioned above, bed canopies use silver thread to block EMF radiation, and so you should always look for this listed on the product.

Many EMF shielding products that contain silver thread will be listed as branded materials, such as Daylite, Naturell, and Blocsilver, so make sure you look out for these when making your purchase.

If you find a bed canopy that doesn’t use any of these materials, you shouldn’t worry too much, but if you want to be on the safe side make sure one of these brands is listed.

2. Size

Obviously size is one of the most important factors to consider when buying an EMF bed canopy.

You need to ensure that the canopy completely covers your bed and stretches all the way to the floor.

Most companies will sell canopies that are appropriate for different sized beds, so always check you’re buying the right size. Many will also list the actual dimensions of the product, so you may have to bring out the tape measure just to confirm.

If you don’t buy the right size of bed canopy, then you might as well not have bothered wasting your money.

3. Grounding

Of course grounding is another important aspect to look out for when purchasing and fitting your EMF bed canopy. In my article on smartmeter shields, the importance of grounding is brought out.

Any good radiation blocking product should be grounded, otherwise it’s essentially redundant.

Many higher quality bed canopies should come with their own grounding equipment, which can be as simple as a clip that is then attached to a plug socket, but you can also buy these separately and fit them yourself.

Yes, EMF radiation products will still work to a certain degree if they’re not grounded, but if you’re paying out lots of money on an expensive bed canopy, then you might as well have it working at maximum efficiency.

4. Efficacy

Granted, you won’t really know if an EMF radiation bed canopy actually works until you test it yourself using your own EMF radiation detector, but it’s always worth checking out user reviews online before committing to a certain product.

Any company that is sure of the quality of their product will happily list user reviews, and these will be the true test of how efficient a product is.

It’s definitely worth doing some research into the market before choosing your own bed canopy, although some of the best are listed below. However, you might just want to use these as a starting point and see what else the market has to offer. [ps2id id=’emf-bed’ target=”/]

Best EMF Bed Canopy Buying Options

Below are the options available depending on your requirements.

Dome Shaped Bed Canopy

dome emf canopy
Dome Shaped Canopy

The dome shaped bed canopy is a mid-range product, and is a pleasant looking solution to your EMF blocking needs. It looks like a mosquito net, and is hung from a hook on the ceiling.

It’s designed to cover the whole bed, and should be long enough to reach the ground, although this will obviously be affected by how high your ceilings are.

The standard version of this product is made from Swiss-Shield Naturell fabric, which does a reasonably good job of blocking EMF radiation.

However, if you live near a source of strong EMF radiation, or your bed is set up near strong devices, such as a wireless router, you might want to upgrade to the Blocsilver version. It’s the same size and shape, but is obviously more expensive.

The Naturell bed canopy will be absolutely fine at blocking standard background EMF radiation, or from sources with weaker radiation, such as TVs, phones, and computers, but it won’t be anywhere near as efficient as the Blocsilver version.

So if you’re serious about EMF radiation, particularly if you’re buying for children or those with higher sensitivity, it’ll be worth getting the Blocsilver canopy.

There are also two more material options available: Swiss-Shield Ultima and Blocgold, both of which are more efficient than the versions listed above. However, as is probably quite obvious, the greater the efficiency of the bed canopy, the more money you’ll have to spend.

If you can afford it, it’s definitely worth buying the Blocgold bed canopy because this is very good at blocking out almost all EMF radiation, therefore guaranteeing you’ll have a radiation-free sleep.

The bed canopy comes in many different sizes, ranging from single to California King.

If you have concerns about completely covering the bed, or you have particularly high ceilings in your bedroom, consider moving up a size. That way you’ll be guaranteed to have sufficient coverage.

The canopy comes with a simple screw hook that it can be hung from, and this only takes a few minutes to install.

However, the EMF bed shield doesn’t come with any grounding equipment, and so this is something you’ll have to buy separately if you want to have the product working at maximum efficiency.

Grounding kits aren’t exactly expensive though, and many manufacturers will produce ones that can be used specifically with their products.

Considering this is only a mid-range product, the prices are quite high for the different versions. As with any EMF shielding product, they won’t ever be cheap, but you might get better value for money buying a more expensive, higher-end bed canopy.

That said, the price difference between the Naturell and Blocgold versions isn’t that great considering the jump in quality, so if you’re looking for a cost-effective but efficient bed canopy, then consider going for the Blocgold one.

Box Shaped Canopy

box EMF canopy
Box Shaped Canopy

The box shaped canopy is a far superior shape to the dome canopy listed above. The box shape means that you actually have room to sit up in bed while the canopy is in use, rather than being restricted by a lack of space.

If you use your bed for more than just sleeping, for example for reading, then this would be a much better option for you.

The canopy is either made from Blocsilver or Blocgold, both of which are superior products than the Naturell fibres. This does however mean that it’s proportionately more expensive, but money shouldn’t be much of a consideration if you’re serious about blocking EMF radiation.

Blocsilver is much more efficient at blocking stronger EMF radiation, such as that from a cellular mast, so bear this in mind if you’re aware of any strong sources of radiation near your home.

The canopy is 150cm tall, and will easily reach the ground. Much like the dome canopy, it’s hung from the ceiling, but obviously require four hooks instead of just one. While this does mean it takes longer to install, it’s not really that much more work.

It also leaves plenty of space around the mattress, so you don’t have to feel restricted or claustrophobic due to the bed canopy.

Along with blocking out EMF radiation, this bed canopy is also anti-bacterial, and the material is incredibly lightweight and breathable. It’s very durable, and can easily be sewn.

The manufacturer also sells the material by the meter, meaning you can buy more if you want to extend the canopy or make your own. Most importantly though, it can be machine washed, so you don’t have to worry about replacing it if it just gets a bit dirty.

One of the best features about this particular EMF bed canopy is that it comes in a wide range of sizes. The smallest is UK cot, which is designed to fit a baby’s bed, and it goes all the way up to US California King.

Much the same as with the dome canopy, if you’re concerned about it not reaching the floor because you have high ceilings then consider going up at least one size. That said, this canopy is quite spacious anyway, but the manufacturer lists the exact size specifications.

The material used in this bed canopy has a shielding range of 10MHz to 3GHz, which covers all major frequencies given off by popular electronic devices. This should also cover you for future devices, such as 5G products, which is beneficial when you’re spending this much money on a radiation shield.

Just as with the other bed canopies listed in this article, this one isn’t cheap, but there is plenty of evidence to show that it’s good at what it does.

Four Poster Bed Canopy

Four Poster Bed Canopy
Four Poster Bed Canopy

If you’re looking for a more visually appealing option for your bed, then the four poster bed canopy is for you.

It’s designed to look like the curtains fitted on a four poster bed, and so looks slightly nicer than the others listed above, which look a bit too much like a mosquito net. However, if you’re not too bothered about appearance, then feel free to choose whichever you think is going to be the most effective for your needs.

This EMF bed canopy is made from Swiss-Shield Naturell or Ultima, and is combined with cotton thread.

It looks like a sheer cotton mesh canopy, and so won’t look too out of place in your bedroom. However, Naturell isn’t as efficient as Blocsilver at eliminating EMF radiation, and so this canopy will only be beneficial if you don’t have any sources of strong radiation near your home.

It should be fine for standard household products such as phones, WiFi routers, and such like.

The canopy is hung from four ceiling-mounted hooks, which come included in the pack, and these are very easy to install. Unlike the other canopies included in this article, this one also comes with adjustable height straps, meaning you won’t have to change sizes if you have high ceilings.

The manufacturer advises that the straps can be extended up to a metre, which should be sufficient for most buildings, especially when factoring in the height of the canopy itself.

While the four poster bed design is much nicer, and means it’s easy to get in and out of bed while the canopy is being used, it does mean that there’s more chance of exposure to EMF radiation. This is simply because there are more entry points than the other canopies, although the curtains do overlap to reduce the chances of this.

If you’re particularly sensitive to EMF radiation and you want to drastically reduce your chance of accidental exposure, consider buying a canopy similar to the box model instead of this one.

The canopy is 2m high from top to bottom, and when combined with the straps, should be find for rooms up to 3m high. As mentioned, this should be enough coverage for the vast majority of room sizes. The material is lightweight and durable, and is machine washable up to 40 times if the care instructions are followed properly.

There shouldn’t be any loss of efficiency through washing, but if you have any concerns, test it with your EMF radiation meter before refitting on your bed.

One of the best features of this canopy is that it comes in a wide range of sizes for both UK and US size beds.

Unlike the other models, this one has long ceiling straps too, and so will give you the best coverage out of the three products. However, as mentioned, the side slits do mean there’s a greater possibility of accidental exposure, so factor this in when considering your options.

That said, it does look quite nice during the day when the canopy is tied back. Also, this is the most expensive product out of the three, but does come with more material than the others, so this is to be expected.

DIY Bed Canopy For EMF Radiation Protection

While buying an EMF-blocking bed canopy is the easiest option for night time protection, there is also the option of making your own.

DIY EMF Bed Canopy

If you’re particularly handy around the house, this can be a fun project, and much the same as with anything else handmade, you know the exact source of the product, and theoretically how efficient it’ll be.

The first thing you’ll need to make your own bed canopy is some fabric. This needs to be fabric made with silver thread, much like the ones listed above, so you’ll have to keep an eye out for Swiss-Shield or Blocsilver.

All of these materials are reasonably easy to buy online, but are still quite expensive. When it comes to a product like this, which is made with silver thread, there’s very little you can do to reduce the cost.

If you’re good with a sewing machine then find a canopy pattern online to follow.

The type of pattern really doesn’t matter because you’re realistically making a normal canopy, just with a specialist material. However, based on the information above, there are clearly some designs that’ll offer greater protection than others.

The short answer to this is to find one that is as enclosed as possible, and then just follow it as normal. Bear in mind though that this fabric is very expensive, so do everything in your power to not make any mistakes!

You’ll still be able to make a half-decent bed canopy even if you can’t sew too well. The dome canopy shown above is little more than a large square of fabric hung from a hook, so this is probably the easiest option if you’re not very crafty.

At best it might involve you having to sew several lengths of fabric together to make a square, but this is reasonably easy.

Remember, if you make your own EMF bed canopy the you’ll also need to invest in the other pieces of equipment, such as hooks, ties, and such, although these bits won’t be expensive at all.

As fun as making your own bed canopy can be, the cost of silver-based fabric is so high that you might not end up saving that much money compared to buying one ready-made.

If you are serious about making your own, then make sure you research the cheapest place to buy fabric and compare it to the cost of buying a pre-made canopy.

Final Thoughts On EMF Bed Canopies

EMF radiation shields are incredibly useful for reducing your exposure to harmful background radiation, particularly as we’re now exposed to it almost every minute of every day. Fitting a bed canopy that blocks radiation can lead to better sleep, and your body functioning better during the day.

Understandably, due to the products used in these EMF bed shields, they are quite expensive. This is something you can’t really get around, but if you’re committed to EMF radiation protection, then you’re inevitably comfortable spending that amount of money.

Greater price doesn’t always mean greater efficiency though, so make sure to do plenty of research before making a purchase.

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