EMF Protection For Your Home & Family – The Ultimate Guide

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Adoption of whole house EMF protection has become a necessity. Children, who are the most vulnerable, need it the most and as a parent, I try my best to minimize the exposure at home.

Based on what I have learned, I have compiled a comprehensive guide here and I would be happy if people benefit from it.

whole house emf protection EMF radiation has always been a problem especially since technology has evolved so much. It’s tough to figure out where the EMF radiation comes from, in fact, it’s not something you can see and that makes identifying it very hard to do.

That said, a lot of people still find it extremely difficult to protect their home against EMF radiation. Or they just ignore the impact and move on. That’s something that you want to avoid.

Since technology is moving at a rapid pace, we will be dealing with more and more EMF radiation. And that’s why we need to find a way to shield ourselves against these dangers.

Even if it’s very hard to do, you must find a way to eliminate all these problems quickly, and if you do that, it will be well worth it in the end.

How To Deal With EMF Radiation

The best thing you can do is to figure out what causes radiation in the first place. EMF radiation is mostly caused by electronics and items that use Wi-Fi for example. If you have this kind of stuff in your home, then you will deal with problems due to it. That alone can be a problem.

Also, even if you see products that state they don’t emit EMF radiation, that doesn’t necessarily mean it is true. Some of them are good, of course, others not so much. So you have to find a way to manage this process and ensure that you do get the best out of both worlds as quickly as possible.

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What is the EMF Meter and how can you use it?

If you are very serious about dealing with this type of problem, then a good EMF radiation meter (like this one which can be got from Amazon) can help you a lot. You can read my review here.

The EMF meter is designed to let you know the radiation levels in your home at any given time. That can be very helpful since you know exactly what causes the problem and how you can address it in that situation.

You do need to keep in mind the fact that getting the EMF radiation meter will require a focus on its features.
Some of these units, for example, will just measure the radio frequencies. They are just one type of radiation.

Ideally, you want a tool that will measure magnetic and electric frequencies as well. It will work very well, and it’s super adaptable and adjustable to your own needs.

The ease of operation is paramount. You don’t want to use a tool that’s too complicated and hard to use. Adaptability is vital when it comes to a product like this.

Also, you should consider checking reviews to see what products are very accurate. In the world of EMF radiation, nothing needs to be taken for granted.

So if you can find a tool that’s super reliable and accurate, that will be more than okay for you and extremely impressive.

Primary Sources of EMF Radiation in your Home

sources EMF radiation As I mentioned earlier, the best way to deal with sources of radiation is actively figuring out what causes this radiation and making sure that you eliminate all those sources as fast as possible.

One thing that you might want to keep in mind is that even some of the items you rarely use can still be very problematic. That’s why you need to know what you are getting into so you can achieve the best results with this.

Cell Phone Radiation

Phones are maybe the most problematic when it comes to EMF radiation. That’s because you keep them with you all the time. And the worst thing that you can do is to keep your phone right near your body all the time.

Since phones are a constant source of EMF radiation, you do want them as far away from your body as possible. Also, don’t sleep with your phone nearby.

Radiation from Televisions

TVs are just as much as an issue as your phone. Maybe a bit less, because they are not portable, so you are not going to use them all the time.

It’s still important to keep them in mind, just because there are lots of challenges that you can encounter here. Don’t get a TV with Wi-Fi and also limit the amount of usage time you get from it. Staying away from the TV is another vital aspect to focus on.

Radiation from Computers and Laptops

Computers might be a simple thing that you don’t take into account, but they are a massive source of radiation on their own as well. That’s especially true when it comes to laptops, and that’s why a lot of people don’t use them as much as they used to.

It still makes a lot of sense to use a laptop, but turn it off when it’s not in use and don’t put it on your lap if possible. A computer pad that blocks radiation can be a stellar purchase if you can acquire such a thing.

Wi-fi Routers

Of course, any Wi-Fi enabled device will bring in problems. That’s why you need to turn off your router when you’re not using it and avoid keeping it in the bedroom or in places where people stay a whole lot.

Low radiation routers are maybe the best option if you do need Wi-Fi in your home.

Hidden Sources of EMF Radiation in your Home

Every home has different EMF radiation sources. You have to figure out which one of those can be a problem, and the idea is to fully identify the issue and tackle it correctly so you can achieve the best results.

Usually, electrical wiring comes with its own radiation. If the wires are poorly designed, this can end up being a problem, and you have to assess it the best possible way to achieve great results if you can.

Even plumbing can lead to radiation. Yes, it sounds strange, but it does happen, and the point here is that metal pipes will conduct electricity if there’s a source of EMF radiation nearby.

Dimmer switches are also an EMF hotspot. They are hugely problematic and powerful, and the last thing you want is to deal with them. They are certainly going to come up with their fair share of challenges, so you might as well want to check them out to achieve the best results.

Radiant electrical heating is just as bad as you would imagine. It’s always going to cause issues if you don’t know how to manage everything the right way. This is why I recommend you to avoid installing this type of heating.

And if you do have it installed, don’t use it that often. It will just lead to a lot of radiation and problems like that will be extremely problematic as you go along.

There are no real benefits to counteract this huge problem, so you have to find a way to eliminate all the potential issues that appear. That’s why you should avoid using this type of heating, just to be safe. It doesn’t hold up and deliver the value you want, and there are always ways to achieve high goals in no time.

Measuring Radiation Levels in Your Space

Using an EMF meter is the right way to do it. You can go with a low-frequency meter or a high-frequency one. Usually, you want to get the high-frequency unit because you get to identify what’s happening fully and it will just work well for you in the end.

It’s a good idea to work closely with a professional to reach the results you expect. It will be an excellent opportunity to keep in mind, and in the end, you are always in control no matter what. So check that out, and you will be happy with it.

Types of EMF Radiation

EMF radiation brings in fields developed via the voltage variance, and there will also be magnetic fields created due to the electric current flow.

As you might imagine, higher the electric field, the more EMF radiation you will have to deal with. Even if there are electric fields without a particular current, you do need to realize that the magnetic field will vary in the amount of power. The electric field will stay constant.

When it comes to the EMF radiation types, you have the non-ionizing radiation at first. This one has low or mid frequency radiation. Most people find this harmless because it doesn’t have a lot of potency. That doesn’t mean it will be okay to deal with.

If there are multiple such devices and they add up, then it will be tough to deal with this, and the problem will continue again and again. So you have to know what you are getting into here.

The forms of non-ionizing radiation include microwaves, visible light as well as radio frequencies and extremely low frequencies.

And then you also have ionizing radiation. This is electromagnetic radiation that will bring in DNA or cellular damage if you are overexposed to it.

The thing you have to realize in here is that it’s mandatory to eliminate UV, X-Rays and gamma sources from your life. As long as you do that, the results will be more than okay, and that’s a crucial aspect to keep in mind all the time.

EMF Protection Tools

smart meter cover
Smart Meter Cover
EMF Shielding Paint
EMF Shielding Paint
Frame Liner
Frame Liner

There will always be some ways to protect yourself against radiation. The idea is that you ever need to know how to adapt and adjust all these things and the more you do that, the better the results will be for you in the end.

A smart meter cover is great because it allows you to block most of the radiation that comes from the smart meter. It’s an excellent option, just because you can have a lot of control over it and the overall adaptability is tremendous for you.

You can get a good smart meter cover here. Also, read my article on smart meter radiation protection which I am sure, will

Then you have the EMF protection paint (check price on Amazon) which is just as good and powerful. The benefit here is that it allows you to block the overall radiation without having to deal with any problem. That will help a lot especially if you want to generate the benefits and focus on results more than ever before.

A huge advantage here is that you can easily block all radiation quickly. But it does depend on how powerful the paint is and a vast range of other factors.

It still works in the end, and that’s the meaningful thing. But it can be adaptable and adjustable, and once you tackle that it will be well worth the effort as you go along.

Lastly, you have the EMF blocking frame liner (Amazon link). This is great to use instead of the EMF protection paint because it’s just a liner.

You can quickly put it on and off, and it just allows you to offer the shielding you need without exactly making the protection visible. It works great as long as you add it right.

Check out all my recommended products for EMF protection.

EMF Radiation Protection For Bedrooms

The best thing that you can do is to use the EMF meter you acquired and measure the total radiation levels. It will be a good start at the very least, and from here you just have to go onward and assess the possible issues one by one.

Put the phone on airplane mode (read my detailed article on this) and put it across the room. Again, you don’t want to have it right near your head. Removing electronic alarm clocks is good too, you can use old mechanic clocks to achieve pretty much the same results.

If possible, keep electronics away from your bedroom, as that can be a problem. The best thing you can do is to have the bedroom free of any possible electronics, as it will be very well worth it in the end.

I also recommend to get better lighting. And if you can, go ahead and protect the bedroom against ambient EMF. Dirty electricity, cell phones, smart meters, dirty electricity and other stuff like that can be very problematic, and that’s the most important thing that you need to consider.

Of course, you want to turn the Wi-Fi off whenever you have the possibility. A mechanical timer outlet can help you turn off your outlet at specific times during the day or night. You set it up, and then you are good to go.

It will work very well for you, and the best part is that you are always free to choose whatever option you want based on your own value and convenience. It’s certainly a high possibility, just consider all the ideas and the benefits that you can get from this.

Protection From Dirty Electricity in your Home

The ‘dirty’ electricity comes from wires that generate high voltage transients. They sit in the lines, and you can’t use everything the way you want.

The best thing that you can do is to identify how to tackle such an electricity problem and deal with it the right way. The electricity radiates into your home, and it will bring in a dangerous amount of radiation that’s very hard to eliminate from in a meaningful manner.

It’s certainly not something simple. When you start dealing with EMF radiation this way, it’s hard to eliminate, and it’s certainly going to be very problematic.

All the little details matter, and that’s why you need to be focused and very specific. Even if it does end up causing a lot of challenge, to begin with, you have to find a solution.

Things that shield EMF radiation and filters or home kits that help eliminate this type of radiation are always going to be very helpful.

Natural Ways To Achieve Whole House EMF Protection

emf protection home Even if it doesn’t feel natural to deal with EMF radiation, this is a part of our lives whether you like it or not. And you have to find the right way of eliminating all these possible problems the best way that you can.

  1. If you have Bluetooth headsets, I encourage you not to use them anymore. They bring in radiation, so the best thing that you can do is to replace them with a speakerphone or wired headphones at the very least. It’s one of the better options, and the best part is that everything is adjustable and adaptable to your own needs.
  2. Earthing is a great option too. What this means is that you make direct contact with the earth. This obviously works if you have a home. If you have an apartment and you live on the upper floors, that can be hard to do. Either way, grounding is great because it allows you to eliminate the ambient voltage you get from dealing with electric power sources.
  3. You also have to think about removing appliance plugs when you don’t use them. If not, you continue exposing yourself to unnecessary radiation, which can end up being quite a problem in the long run. What you do have to keep in mind here is that you save energy too, and that will always come in handy in ways you would not imagine.
  4. I also recommend you to avoid fluorescent or halogen lighting. Even if their radiation levels are low, that’s still radiation, and it can end up being problematic. Every tiny detail counts when it comes to this, and that’s why you need to focus on a great experience more than anything else.
  5. Even your diet can protect you. Sure, it sounds strange, but dates, prunes, pecans, walnuts, blueberries, cilantro, fish, spirulina, noni or any source of omega 3 fatty acids can pay off a lot. You just have to find the right diet that includes as many of these compounds as possible. It’s certainly a tricky thing to have at first, but it can end up being very well worth the effort as you go along.
  6. Window films that have metal coating or curtains that have a special weave can work very well too. The weave should have silver or copper, and this will remove the radiation levels quite a lot. The windows are known for being very vulnerable, and thus you do need to use this system to eliminate the issue if you can.
  7. In case your walls were not plastered, you can add a stainless steel mesh. This one shields you against any possible EMF radiation and it will make it easier for you to avoid any potential problems that come with something like this.
  8. Ideally, you can also use electromagnetic shielding fabric. This is great if you want to reflect the wireless radiation. You can put it above any radiation source, and it will work just as nicely. The idea is to assess the source of that radiation and just deal with it in a way that you see fit.
  9. Even using low EMF dryers can help a lot. Dryers are known to consume a lot of energy, and they are also delivering tons of radiation in their vicinity. This is why you have to know exactly what you are getting into when it comes to stuff like this.

Does switching phone carriers help with lowering EMF radiation?

Yes, a lot of people believe that switching phone carriers can make a difference. Most of the time you don’t get what you expect, unfortunately. That’s because you still have to deal with EMF radiation, even if the levels are a bit lower.

The way phone carriers create their infrastructure is pretty much the same. So finding an option that’s a tiny bit better in regards to EMF radiation won’t help you as much, which is why you have to be creative. It all comes down to your expectations, but you need to be realistic as you try to achieve the best outcome.

What is the safe level that you need to reach?

According to the Institute of Building Biology and Ecology, the safety levels are around 10 microwatts per square meter for the living spaces.

You can afford only half of that if you sleep in that place. Simply put, this enforces the idea that you have to remove all EMF radiation sources from your home as fast as possible, otherwise, you are bound to deal with problems, and they are the last thing you want to deal with.

Even if it does take a bit of time to achieve all those results you want, it’s certainly worth the effort and you might want to get a meter and use all the shielding options listed above. Every tiny detail counts, and it’s always going to come with its own benefits.

Don’t rush into this, instead; you have to do everything you can as you will achieve good results if you do so. But in the end, it will be a great opportunity and one that has the potential to grow in ways you would not imagine beforehand.

Final Thoughts on EMF Protection For A Home

If you use the above tips, you will have no problem reducing most of the EMF radiation from your home. Of course, every home is different when it comes to the wires you have, the stuff you have in it and so on.

All those things are crucial to consider, and that’s why adapting and adjusting to the entire process is very important. I encourage you to avoid any rush and instead make a trial and error approach.

It’s going to come in handy if you tackle this the right way. The more you take your time with it, better the results will be.

Working with a professional that knows how to measure EMF levels and improve the EMF resistance for your home is preferred. But the tips I have mentioned will also help you perform these tasks on your own too!